In bio-inorganic chemistry, the interactions between biological material (e.g. DNA) and inorganic molecules/atoms (e.g. lanthanides complexes, Hg ions) are studied. High-resolution structural information is needed, to elucidate the structure-function relationship of these molecules.

In particular, our research interest considers the interactions of inorganic metal- and lanthanide-containing compounds with biological material in order to design novel sensors for bio-imaging and novel drug molecules for antitumor and anticancer photodynamic therapies. Furthermore, we're interested in the chiral and helical self-assemblies of metal complexes, DNA mismatches as targets for metal-ions and their assessment in crystallographic phasing and charge density analysis for validation of theoretical analyses in amino acid single crystals.
An in-house state-of-the-art diffractometer (Agilent SuperNova) is available, as well as access to international synchrotron beamlines for high-intensity X-ray radiation.