The research  group XStruct currently has following members :

Academic staff

  • Kristof Van Hecke
    Kristof.VanHecke [at]

    Group leader of the XStruct group

PhD students

  • Manzoor Zaman

    In co-promotership with prof. Vsevolod Peshkov, Soochow University. 

  • Laurens Bourda

    Functionalized Covalent Organic Frameworks for Luminescent and Catalytic Applications

  • Min Peng

    Cyclodextrin-based mesoporous frameworks for drug delivery applications

  • Marek Belis

    Study of nucleation and crystal growth of pharmaceuticals by X-ray and harmonic light scattering

  • Sonali Mohanty

    In co-promotership with prof. Anna Kaczmarek.

  • Paola La Magna

    Tailored low-dimensional hybrid perovskites. Co-promoter UHasselt: Prof. Wouter Van Gompel

Master students

  • Zofia Petryna

    Combining nanoheaters and nanothermometers in nanocarrier capsules for drug delivery. In co-promotership with prof. A. Kaczmarek, UGent. 

  • Xiebe Stiers

    Cyclodextrin metal-organic frameworks for drug delivery (co-promoter A. Kaczmarek).

Former post-doc researchers

  • Aleksandar Savić

    Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Basileus V Project: "Synthesis of lanthanide and ruthenium complexes for DNA interaction" (in co-promotership with prof. R. Van Deun)

  • Subhrajyoti Bhandary

    FWO Postdoctoral Fellow - Enhancing the efficiency of room temperature phosphorescent organic luminophores via cocrystal engineering and application of high-pressure.





Former PhD students

  • Tim Verdonck

    Baekeland mandate (IWT) – ArcelorMittal/OCAS and UGent: “SpeCIES - Speciation of Chromium from Ionic liquids as alternative Electrodeposition Solvents" - 2019 (co-promoters: prof. R. Van Deun, prof. P. Nockemann)



  • Baoyi Yu

    "Development of modified indenylidene ruthenium metathesis catalysts" - 2015 (in co-promotership with prof. Francis Verpoort)




  • Parviz Gohari Deraakhshandeh

    University of Tehran, School of Chemistry, College of Science, Tehran, Iran (prof. J. Soleimannejad) "Design and synthesis of lanthanide metal ions supramolecular (coordination polymer) compounds and investigation of their applications in the synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials"

  • Parviz Gohari Derakhshandez

    "Metal- and Covalent Organic Frameworks for Advanced Applications: Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sensing". In co-promotership with prof. Pascal Van Der Voort

  • Dimitrije Mara

    "Luminescent lanthanide beta-diketonate complexes: insights into the role of the coordination environment on the photophysical properties of lanthanide ions" - 2020 (in co-promotership with prof. R. Van Deun and prof. A. Kaczmarek)






  • Ken Princen

    BOF (Special Research Fund - UGent): Bio-POMs: Bio-conjugation of PolyOxoMetalates for Life Science Applications

  • Marina Saab

    Selenourea Derivatives of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: Design, development and investigation of their structure/activity relationship for catalysis and biomedical applications


  • Sofie Vanden Broeck

    In co-promotership with prof. Cathérine Cazin

Former master students

  • Florence Haepers

    Synthesis, luminescence and structural analysis of NIR emitting lanthanide polypyridyl diketonate complexes for DNA intercalation (co-promoter: prof. R. Van Deun)

  • Tineke Mortier

    Synthesis, luminescence and structural analysis of NIR emitting Schiff base salen-type d-4f complexes for DNA photocleavage (co-promoter: prof. R. Van Deun)

  • Jason Serck

    Synthesis, characterization and luminescence spectroscopy of lanthanide-based MOF's (in co-promotership with prof. R. Van Deun)

  • Jeroen De Cock

    Interaction of polyoxometalates and model proteins: structural and luminescence investigation (co-promoter: dr. A. Kaczmarek)

  • Camille Baetslé

    Development of platinum and palladium Schiff base complexes for antitumor activity

  • Jianjun Huang

    In co-promotership with prof. Vsevolod Peshkov, Soochow University.

  • Gaigai Wang

    In co-promotership with prof. Vsevolod Peshkov, Soochow University.

  • Ken Princen

    PolyOxoMetalates (POMs) bio-conjugated to Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs) for biomedical applications

  • Tom Vanmarcke

    "Interaction of polyoxometalates and model model proteins" - 2019

  • Ine Vander Haegen

    "Cyclodextrin metal-organic frameworks for biological applications" - 2019



  • Thomas Lersch

    Woven covalent organic frameworks via Schiff base complexes (co-promoter prof. P. Van Der Voort; supervisor: Laurens Bourda)



  • Bettina Van Kenhoven

    NHC-complexes for biomedical applications (supervisor Marina Saab). 

  • Ayse Alici

    In co-promotership with prof. A. Kaczmarek

  • Melanie Debaere

    Educational Master 2022-2023. Co-promoter prof. K. Strubbe. 

  • Jana Minne

    Educational Master 2022-2023. Co-promoter prof. K. Strubbe. 

  • Stijn Germonpré

    Master dissertation for the study programme Master in Pharmaceutical Care


Former thesis students

  • Volker Jens Schwerdtner

    Synthesis of ruthenium complexes for DNA interaction (co-promoter: prof. R. Van Deun)